Bart Adriance

My full name is John LaBarthe Adriance, but most know me as Bart.  Since birth, Trinity Church has been an integral part of my life.  Some religious life events there include baptism, confirmation, several revivals, and weddings including mine, my mother’s second to Lee Ansell, my sister’s, and many friends.  They also include baptisms, confirmations, and funerals of friends and family members.  I attended pre-kindergarten and kindergarten as well as Sunday school,  was an acolyte for 3+ years, in the children’s choir for 5+ years,  and was in EYC while a teen,  More recently, I have made and served meals on Suzette and Jon Schultz’s Salvation Army team and occasionally helped as an usher and a lay reader at the 5:30 service.  This service and commitment mirrors Gloria Adriance Ansell’s (my mother) life-long commitment to numerous volunteer services to Trinity.  My grandmother, Cora Kierbow, also attended and was married at Trinity Church.  I’ve served with former rectors Ed Gibson, Roger Cilley, John Donavan, John Caskey, and Susan Kennard as well as many associate rectors.  

Not surprisingly, God played another major role in my life when he led me back to the island after 30 years to care for my mother in her final years.  After meeting Susan and Bill Kennard, I renewed my commitment to the church and soon after, while buying EYC brownies in Eaton Hall, met and later married Deborah Kollar.  Today, together with Debbie, we have committed to serving the church, with God’s help, in a more expanded role as opportunities present and where we have the time to do so.  We both still hold full-time jobs associated with the medical profession- Debbie as a nurse practitioner at Texas Children’s Hospital and me as a medical capital equipment senior sales consultant.  Collectively we have 7 siblings and their 6 spouses, 3 grown sons and 3 grown daughters, 6 grandchildren with another due in May, and numerous nieces, nephews, and cousins, all of whom we love.  At this time, we have 2 places we live, one in Houston and the other in downtown Galveston.  Together, we love to cook, travel, listen to music, and take long walks on Galveston’s East beach.