Jerry Jackson

Jerry Jackson has attended Trinity since moving to Galveston in 2000.  He has previously served on the Vestry and occasionally taught Sunday School.  Before moving to Galveston he served in the Signal Corps, US Army and was a JAG in the Air Force.  After retiring from the Air Force, he served as mister-mom for his daughter Carrie and also did a variety of different volunteer jobs in various communities.  After moving to Galveston, he went back to school and started teaching at the University of Houston-Main where he rose to become the Director, Undergraduate Studies, Department of Political Science, a position he held for over 10 years until his retirement from full-time duties.  He currently teaches part-time at UH-Main, primarily law and political science courses.  He is married to Nancy Lee Peterson of Galveston and has two daughters [Audrey Stokesbary and Carrie Zendeh Del] and five grandchildren.