Your Link to Our Future

Here is the link to your first opportunity to participate in our parish’s search for our next rector. The opinions and data gathered in this survey will guide church leaders through the remaining steps in this process.



***The survey must be completed in one sitting. Date entered cannot be saved and the remaining questions completed later. Completion will probably take 30-45 minutes.

***The online format will not allow you to skip a question.

***Each household member who is aged 16 or older should complete the survey individually.

***Your answers are completely anonymous. There is no way to associate the date entered to any individual. Please be honest!

***You may complete the survey on any computer…a friend, a neighbor, the library, anywhere, anytime!


If it is impossible for you to complete the survey online – which is preferable – you may request a paper copy by contacting the church at or (409)765-6317.


If you have questions, please contact Susan Duif at or (409)974-0260.