Title  Name  Phone  Email
 Rector  The Reverend Susan Kennard  979-248-7849
 Associate Rector  The Reverend Edward Thompson  504-320-4857
 Assisting Priest  The Reverend Douglas Tucker  409-539-5079
 Headmaster of School  Mark Ravelli  409-765-9391
 Rector Emeritus  The Reverend John C. Donovan  409-765-6317
 Director of Music  Ronald Wyatt  409-765-6317
 Parish Administrator  Trish Clason  409-765-6317
 Financial Administrator  Camille Haglund  409-443-5005
 Director of Christian Education for Children  Danielle Alvarado  409-939-5519


The Vestry

Title Name
Senior Warden John Speich
Junior Warden Robert Ebert
Clerk Ann Anderson

Ann Anderson, Calvin Buckley, Eugenia Campbell, Carolyn Clyburn, Susan Duif, Junior Warden Robert Ebert, Dan Freeman, Eileen Hall, Jerry Jackson, Laura Hughes-McDermott, Walter Meyer, Senior Warden John Speich









2016 Vestry
(left to right) Jerry Jackson, Susan Duif, Kathy VanDewalli, Jim Byrom, Carolyn Clyburn (front) Dan Freeman, Reverend Susan Kennard, Walter Meyer, Senior Warden Nancy Polk, Junior Warden Robert Ebert and John Ferguson. (Not pictured, Bob Hern)

The Vestry serves as a “board of directors” for the parish. It is composed of 12 members* elected for staggered three-year terms headed by the Rector and the Wardens. The Rector appoints the Senior Warden and the junior Warden is elected by the Vestry. The Vestry establishes the parish budget, oversees the finances of the church, manages the physical plant and works with the staff and councils in carrying on the work of mission and ministry which is so important to the life of Trinity Church. The Vestry strives to set good examples of faithful church attendance, good stewardship and involvement in all areas of parish life.

*Currently at 11 members


Location of Church:  22nd and Winnie, Galveston, Texas 77550
Mailing Address & Office:  2216 Ball, Galveston, Texas 77550