Funds donated to the Hurricane Ike Recovery Fund will be applied to expenses incurred in the recovery of Trinity Church in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.

Regular Donations*

You can make your Pledge donation by clicking the above link and choosing the General Operating Fund from the drop down box. You can also choose to make a donation to the Save our Sanctuary Fund, and the Rectors Discretionary Fund by choosing them in the drop down box.

*The new donations feature on our website will be linked to our Access ACS system. For those who are Trinity members you will fill out the info required, specifically using the name, and email address that the church would have on file for you. Then you will be issued a user name and Password that you can use to make donations, access our online directory, access your contributions history and more. All these things are secured through our program provider ACS Technologies. Click here to learn about Access ACS security.

If you are not a member of Trinity you can still make a donation and will be issued a user name and password, however, you will not have access to our online directory. If you are a member of Trinity and once you’ve signed in, you don’t have access to the online directory, please email us at

If you would like to be issued a user name and password, without giving a donation you may use this link.