Mr. Eaton

Benjamin Eaton

Founder and First Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church

Born in Dublin, Ireland in 1806, Benjamin Eaton came to Galveston in February of 1841. He had energy, ability and personality and through much effort and sacrifice on his part he founded our church. He was a hardy and interesting man and survived death many time in his life. He escaped the first rectory as it collapsed during a hurricane, he was gored by a wild stage near the main artery in his leg, he was trown down underneath a train, and was in a knife fight with Mexican soldiers during the war. The congregation adored him and when he passed away on March 19, 1871 in the pulpit of this church, his death was written about as far away as New York City. He was a great man who lived for the glory of God and this church is a living testament to his dedication.