Sealy Chime

On Easter morning, Marach 31, 1929, at the 11:00 a.m. service, The Right Reverend Clinton S. Quin, D.D., Bishop of Texas, assisted by the rector, The Reverend Edmund H. Gibson, dedicated the chime of bells and the windows in the tower of Trinity Church. These memorials to the glory of God and in loving memory of John Sealy (1870-1926) were given by his sister, Mrs. R. Waverly Smith (Jennie Sealy) (1868-1938).

John Sealy “was a born leader of men, but always charitable and kindly towards all with whom he came in contact and richly deserved the love and respect universally accorded him, not only by reason of his outstanding achievements but on account of his constant and unflagging devotion to the city of his birth (Galveston), which was exemplified throughout his life and in his death.” “By his will his entire estate was left ultimately to charity through The Sealy and Smith Foundation for the John Sealy Hospital.

The chime consists of ten bronze bells which were cast in Troy, New York, by the Meneely Bell Company. The series is described as follows: “3,000-pound pattern, E flat; 2,000-pound pattern, F; 1,550-pound pattern, G; 1,200-pound pattern, A flat; 550-pound pattern, C; 450-pound pattern, D flat; 400-pound pattern, D; 375-pound pattern, E flat; and 325-pound pattern, F. The large bell is in the key of F, with the other nine scaled so as to make possible the rendition of music in either of two keys. The chime is operated from a small keyboard placed near the organ console.

The bells are rung prior to the principal Sunday service and on the other days of the week at noon and five p.m. The bells are also rung on special days: John Sealy’s birthday on September 15, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Washington’s birthday, St. Patrick’s Day, Fourth of July, Navy Day, and Armistice Day.