Parish Ministries


The Trinity Choir sings each Sunday at the 10:30 a.m. service as well as on Holy Days and other special services. The music sung by the choir is drawn from a wide variety of sources and includes representations of all the major periods of music history. Choir rehearsals are on Thursday evening at 7:30 and Sunday morning at 9:30. Singers are always welcome. To join the choir or simply to inquire, please contact:

Director of Music / Ron Wyatt / 409-765-6317 ext. 212  /

Visitors and Newcomers

Mission: To reach, welcome, and involve newcomers in our life as a community of faith, using the Invite, Welcome, and Connect training program used by many around the Church. Every other month a Newcomers’ Dinner is held to welcome formally in a relaxed setting those who have recently been baptized, confirmed, received or transferred into Trinity Church. The dinner is usually an additional opportunity for attendees and the parish clergy to share their faith journeys and their experience at Trinity with one another.

Newcomer Ministry Chair / Rev. Lillian Hyde /

Christian Formation Council

Mission: To guide and support lifelong Christian formation and spiritual growth for the entire Trinity Community. The council works with the clergy in overseeing the children’s Godly Play, Confirmation Classes, Youth Ministry, Adult Sunday School Classes, and occasional lectures and other Christian formation programs.

Contact: Rev. Lillian Hyde 409.765-6317


Mission: To assist the clergy in enhancing the quality of participation in worship, which is the corporate meeting in God’s presence. This includes the sacraments, praising God, prayer, preaching, music, and thanksgiving. The council provides coordination of the Acolytes, Lay Liturgical Ministers, Ushers, Altar Guild, Choirs and Clergy with all services.

Contact: Rev. Lillian Hyde 409.765-6317


Mission: As disciples of Jesus, the purpose of the Outreach Ministry of Trinity Episcopal Church is to provide a taste of hope to everyone in Galveston County and beyond. As a team of caring facilitators, it is our goal to respond to the different needs of many. In our organizational practices and community service, we hope to incorporate Christian principles and are committed to a wide range of charitable, human service and community service activities. As Stewards of Jesus, the MINISTRY is dedicated to provide gifts of time, talent and financial resources.

Contact: Rev. Lillian Hyde 409-765-6317 / Calvin Buckley 713-624-0453


Mission: To assist the clergy in identifying and addressing the pastoral needs of the congregation so that those in need are nurtured and equipped for growth and participation within our church community. Projects include calling, sending cards, and visiting. Additionally, Eucharistic Visitors selected by the clergy and commissioned by the Bishop take Holy Communion to the sick and otherwise homebound in addition to the clergy.

Contact: Rev. Lillian Hyde 409.765-6317 /

John Speich /


A responsible group of youth who give of their time adding to the beauty of the liturgy. They light the candles and carry the crosses, torches, and banners in processions. They also assist the clergy at the Altar during worship services. Training sessions are held periodically, and youth may join anytime.

Contact: Mark Kelso /


Donations for weekly Altar Flowers may be given in honor of or in memory of an individual or an event.

Contact: Church Office: 

Flowers are ordered by Susan Duif /


This is a group of men and women who prepare the Altars of the Chapel and the Church. There are 3 teams for the Sunday 8:00 a.m. service, 3 teams for the Sunday 10:30 a.m. service, and 3 teams for Weekday services. Every service held at Trinity has at least two Altar Guild members in attendance. Altar Guild members work the weddings and funerals and arrange for floral offerings.

Contact: Susan Duif / 409-974-0260


The Communications Committee is responsible for the weekly eMessenger email, additional email correspondence to the Parish; the Church Directory and maintaining and updating the website for Trinity Episcopal Church, Galveston.

Contact: Parish Administrator Kathy VanDewalli / 


Mission: A laywomen’s order of the Anglican Communion founded to implement confirmation vows “to work, pray, and give for the spread of Christ’s Kingdom.” Each member pledges herself to a Rule of Life: daily prayer service and evangelism. Study meetings are held twice a month.

Contact: Sally Byrom /


Mission: To enrich the life of the Church by providing hospitality and avenues of spiritual growth.  Affiliated with the ECW of Texas as well as the National Council, all women members of Trinity Episcopal Church are members. Note Cards, Cookbook, receptions, workshops, luncheons and lectures are their focus. The Martha Group is under the ECW and helps with funerals, memorial services, and ordinations and baptisms.

Contact: Gloria Schlemmer /


Mission: To provide food for receptions and various occasions.

Contact / The Parish Office / 409-765-6317


Mission: These men and women provide leadership for various aspects of our corporate worship. Lectors, licensed by the Rector, usually sit in the congregation and rise to read the lesson from the Hebrew Scriptures. They also assist with scripture readings at Morning and Evening Prayer. Worship Leaders, licensed by the Bishop, read lessons and lead the Psalm, Creed, and Prayers of the People during worship. They lead Morning and Evening Prayer. Eucharistic Ministers, licensed by the Bishop, administer the chalice at services of Holy Communion. Eucharistic Visitors, also licensed by the Bishop, are sent out at the end of our services to take the Holy Communion to the ill and infirm.

Contact / Mike Malloy /


Mission: These wonderful parishioners help in the church office answering the phone and performing various secretarial and computer duties. Either half day or whole day shifts are greatly appreciated.

Archangel / Receptionist Trish Clason / 409-765-6317


Mission: Men and women providing a ministry of hospitality by extending the welcome of the congregation, providing information, seating assistance, collection and delivery of offerings for Sunday services. They also serve at funerals and special services.

List of 2020 Usher Teams

Coordinator / Linda Macdonald / 409-739-2989


Mission: Men and women assisting the clergy and others who provide leadership for the worship services and marshal the processions.

Contact the Church Office 409-765-6317


Mission: To assist the clergy in coordinating and planning wedding services at Trinity Episcopal Church and services performed by Trinity clergy.

Coordinator / Shanna Pennington / 409-256-4804


Mission: A responsible group of youth who give of their time adding to the beauty of the liturgy. They light the candles and carry the crosses, torches, and banners in processions. They also serve the clergy at the Altar. Training sessions are held periodically.

Larissa W. Botik, Executive Director, William Temple Foundation / 409-599-1457 /